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Based in Melbourne, FL

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Dec, 2012

PC, Mac and Linux


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Tabletop Connect is a system-neutral 3D virtual tabletop that lets you connect with your friends to play role-playing games just like you’re around a real table. You play in a true 3D environment—with miniatures, terrain tiles, physics simulated dice, character sheets, and handouts—you can almost feel the dice in your hands.


Work began on TabletopConnect in 2012 and was publicly announced in December 2012. It was successfully funded in Sept, 2013 on Kickstarter and work has progressed steadily since that time. It currently supports flexible character sheets, 3D miniatures, pathfinding and 3D map creation in a networked multiplayer environment. Tabletop Connect was acquired by SmiteWorks USA LLC in October 2015. Carl Pinder joined the SmiteWorks team as a lead developer of the Fantasy Grounds Unity project and is working to move Fantasy Grounds into Unity and incorporate the features from TTC into the upcoming releases of Fantasy Grounds, titled Fantasy Grounds Unity.


  • Easy to create character sheets for any game system
  • Built-in map creation in 3D with exchangeable assets for walls, ceiling, furniture, lighting and even interactive objects
  • 3D miniatures with the ability to perform weapon swaps and other changes dynamically
  • 3D dice
  • Sound effects libraries that can be shared with players
  • Animated objects
  • Dynamic lighting


Map Editor v0.035 YouTube

Dynamic Lighting Example YouTube

Animated Props YouTube

Simplified Character Sheet Editing YouTube




About SmiteWorks USA, LLC

SmiteWorks is the small Indie team responsible for the Fantasy Grounds virtual tabletop. Fantasy Grounds allows gamers to play traditional pen-and-paper style roleplaying games. With the aid of over 150 community developers and partnerships with key RPG publishers, gamers' online experience is tailored to a host of different game systems.

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