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    Any Good PC interactions?

    So I thought I’d make a post that wasn’t a whine about how I screwed up in FG2 again,

    Anyone have any good stories about interesting PC interactions? ie: One game several years ago… a friend and I had joined a group that we met at the local game store.. I was a Paladin and my friend was an “ I’m not Evil.. Im just misunderstood” Wizard. But we made a good team… He would do something not so good… make sure I didn’t see… and lie to me… And I would have his back because we had been friends for years. We had this whole Caramon /Raistlin thing going.

    So anyway… We hook up with a rogue, a ranger and a barbarian…. We play in the group for several weeks… But the rogue thinks its funny to steal from the other PC’s… He steals from Zar ( My friend) twice without getting caught… Zar accuses him… but I cant do anything cause he cant prove it.. so I keep them separated. The third time he gets caught with Zars Spellbook in his backpack… Being the lawful Paladin I am.. I tell him if It happens again I will be forced to take action. We let it go and move on…….(Zar, Not so happy)

    A couple weeks later, as we enter the lair of the Lich, The Barbarian and I rush the Evil creature, the ranger steps to the side of the entryway and notches his bow… The Rogue Kneels down so The wizard can cast over his head…. The Lich decides to blast the wizard with a Lightning bolt… The Rogue is between them and in the way of the bolt

    The Rogues players lets out a sigh and says “ Aww man.. I failed my Save”

    The Dm Asks each player in turn what they are going to do.. I attack the Lich, as does the barbarian and the Ranger…. The rogue decides to Try and hide in shadows…. Zar the wizard looks up and states calmly.. Im going to lightning bolt the back of the Rogues Head.

    We all look up… I ask him are you serious… To wich he states flatly.. “Yes”.

    Well… The rogue failed another saving throw and is reduced to unresurectable ash… and his player is (Censored) . Complaining about having played that Character for over 6 months.
    After dispatching the Lich… Zar tells the party that the Lich’s Lightning bolt destroyed the Rogue… We give him a nice farewell… and move on.

    Funny thing is… a couple weeks later they changed the day the game was to be played on and” Forgot” to let us know. LOL Ah well, it was worth it… One of the best games EVER.

    So .. Anyone else got anything?

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    I had a cool session the other day where I knew that a party would be in a holy shrine. I prepared two sets of graphics. The first set everyone saw but the second was just for the cleric in touch with the holy reality in the shrine.

    The party saw an alter with food and offerings. The cleric saw the deity wracked with pain and suffering.

    The player worked well with the increased knowledge and a picture seemed to convey info really well.

    (You can drag the link box from the image list to one portrait and only share a picture with one player.)

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    Game : Mage the Ascension

    Briana : "Vassilij?! What happened? My HOME it is in shambles?! ... the works of fire-magick? What have you DONE?"
    Vassilij : "I did what seemed necesary at the time!"
    Briana : "... a technarch attack? Here?"
    Vassilij : "... I have this terrible phobia against spiders."
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    An old friend got in touch again a couple of months back, and told my RPG group a tale I had forgotten (I was the DM back then)...

    "So we are a group of high level AD&D 2nd Edition characters, a Fighter, a ranger, two clerics, a Wizard and a rogue...."

    "We come across this village and as we approach up on the hill we see a group of black robed men tying down a baby onto a sacrificial stone, they also have a set of ceremonial blades..."

    "Anyhow we see the black robed guys about to murder a crying baby, and we charge!"

    "The battle was quick and quite very bloody (for the bad guys), and as the Ranger and Fighter untie the child, they notice it has glowing red eyes..."

    "With his dying breath the cleric of a Lawful good god asks why did the party stop the killing of the child of Asmodeus?"

    "That's when a horde of fiends gated in and spanked us!"

    What I remember most afterwards was the survivors (one of the clerics and the fighter did not make), was the other cleric desperately trying to lay the blame on the party before any Divine retribution occurred....
    My players just defeated an army, had a dogfight with aliens, machine-gunned the zombies, stormed the tower, became Legendary and died heroically

    Yours are still on combat round 6

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