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    New Castles and Crusades game

    Starting in earnest after the New Year but looking to get some things rolling before then.
    New to fantasy grounds GM so still working out the bugs. Looking for 1-3 players who are interested in actually roleplaying, not just hack and slash. Some introductory games with the players may happen especially as I work out the system and environment.
    The game in general will be set on the far reaches of a civilized area, simply called the Wilds. It's a very humanocentric society so any non-humans will be marginalized or even treated with aggression. Magic will also be uncommon and may be treated with derision and scorn, and magic items will be extremely uncommon. I'm fairly open to anything as far as the characters but everything will need to be run past me first, and some adjustments will likely be made. Get in contact if you are interested, let me know why you are interested and what kind of character you might be interested in. Games are most likely to be held on sundays in the afternoon to evening, though that is quite negotiable, and held maybe every 2 weeks. email: [email protected]

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