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    I went to the page, but there was no file for download. Well, it says its there, but there is no link to it...

    I am like the Gent above, there is 5 or 6 of us who want to play Rifts..

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    Is this the location of your ruleset? May not be, I had a look at how Obe links his other stuff and had a play about.

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    Missing Fields

    Hey thanks for posting the link, but this Ruleset appears to have not been completed.

    Is there anyone out there that would know how to fix the errors on the character sheet? If so it's just missing these two details.

    Spells Tab & Inventory Tab don't allow you to input any information. It needs to be modified to allow data to be entered. Ie: Blank Lines.

    Anyone out there that is good at XML and can simply add blank lines to these two pages and repost this Ruleset would be greatly appreciated.

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    Editing Rifts Ruleset

    Hi im new here im also really new to programing im teachin myself the system used by fantasy grounds and with trial and error editing the Rifts ruleset created by Strumer as it seems his work was left unfinished for whatever reason im posting this to obtain help in the field of .lua editing since i dunno where to begin i have some ideas but not sure if i have the right things lol im currently trying to edit the combat tracker for rifts to have all 10 saves and remove some items but add some i also need to edit the char sheet to enable editing on a couple pages that should be easy the big challenge i had was getting the positioning right on the npc sheet but i got it i will post a screen lata if u would like to see the .xml files i have edited and have ne suggestions pls feel free to comment and let me kno thank u

    :edit: here is a pic of the work i have done so far i have put the saves and abilities in for the NPCs i also was able to edit the combat tracker to pull the saves from the NPCs so i dunno maybe this will help u guys help me out lol
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    I don't suppose anyone is still bastioning the cause here? I'd love to get my hands on a RIFTS ruleset.

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    Anyone have any valid download links for this. I own fantasy grounds and want to use it to run a rifts campaign but all the download links do not work. Anyone?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jaythir01 View Post
    Anyone have any valid download links for this. I own fantasy grounds and want to use it to run a rifts campaign but all the download links do not work. Anyone?
    Well this thread is over 9.5 years old so that might give an indication of what's (not) going on.
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