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    LOL, I love the OotS counters. The intermission is pretty cool also. I went and did most of the tutorial it was pretty fun - and something I could do with my general total lack of artistic talent.

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    LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL OotS rulezzzzzz. very good!!!!!!

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    Thanks for providing the tutorial on how to do that. I love those tokens.

    I made one for my new LFR character -

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    If someone already purchased KOTS but had not converted it into a FG module is there some resource to find it or does it have to be scanned and entered from scratch?


    Also, is there place where lots of OOTS like images are stored? I do not know if I could make without special software.

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    Check the forums on their site, There are TONS of images there, and you might even be able to ask nicely and get permission to distribute some of them in exchange for including a link back to the site, most of the people there are very awesome.

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    Quote Originally Posted by storminj

    Also, is there place where lots of OOTS like images are stored? I do not know if I could make without special software.

    Some people on the Order of the Stick Forum probably have some you can use, but I'd check to make sure they are alright with you using them first (I guess personal, private usage doesn't tend to cause problems).

    As for making them, the tutorial I linked to shows how. It's actually relativly easy once you do one or two of them. The hardest part tends to be " I want this guy holding his arm up, or down...".

    The program the tutorial uses is Inkscape, a free, open source program.
    DM: For reference sake, when a bad guys dies, I'll turn their token over. So an upside down 'A' or 'B' means it's a corpse.
    PC 1: So if we kill a 'M' is it reincarnated as a 'W'?
    PC 2: That damn 'O' just won't die!

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    Very nice...our group had talked about running an OOTS flavored game as a one shot - it looks great! Definitely have to try to get enough characters made for an adventure!

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    Awesome tokens.

    I'm new to Fantasy Grounds (I've barely started using it), but I plan to run a few campaigns with my friends.

    I'm currently running KOTS in a live game, but I may be moving away for work and would like to continue running it.

    Mind if I ask how you got the KOTS maps into Fantasy Grounds?

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    You can scan them in any regular graphics format and put them in the \images folder of your campaign. You can even do this on the fly, which is great for quickly looking up an image on the internet and using it while playing.

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    I just downloaded FG2 for the first time. I'm literally drooling over the possiblities! But I'm 30 so it might be senility setting in. This rocks!

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