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    Star Wars Resources

    As a GM that hasnt played in a while, it was great to find the D20 SRD resources on the net. My players are getting interested in playing a Stars Wars campagin though, and I was wondering if there were any sites out there with similar open source info from the d20 game for Star Wars.

    Also, if anyone knows any good sites that have maps and deckplans and such that would work well in fantasy grounds I would appreciate it!

    Thanks again, and almost happy 4th of July!

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    The Star Wars game rules are not open, beyond the basic d20 rules, but there's a lot of material that is background related rather than game rules. If you have the rulebooks and are looking for material for your games then here's a few web resources.

    SWRPG Network
    Star Wars Deckplans Alliance
    Jeff Russell's Starship Dimensions
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    Valarian's Fantasy Grounds Rulesets - Now also linked in the Wiki

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    Thanks so much for this info! I appreciate the reply!

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