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    4e Keep of the Shadowfell One Shot Mondays

    This has moved to TUESDAYS.

    We currently have ONE OPENING

    We are looking for tactically adept players for Keep of the Shadowfell 4th edition. I am running the adventure as a one-shot to get players familiar with rules and character options and will then maybe follow up and get a regular 4e group together if there is interest. The group uses FG2 and Ventrillo.

    The group conists of 5 or 6 players depending on player schedules. If interested please post your your character choice and I will send you a confirmation to your FG account.

    Playstyle: I run tactically heavy games with less RP element. In character comments are usually made in chat. Extended conversations with NPCs are generally made more 3rd person style. As this is a one-shot it will be mostly a dungeon crawl but I will include some NPC/locale interaction as we try to get the flavor of the new setting and social skills. In my early thirties, as are a couple of the players, so expect a more mature gaming environment.

    Time: 6:30 - 10:30 EST

    Character Generation: Standard 22 Point Buy from the 4e PHB

    At present the group consists of the below. Selecting a character will lock your spot so do so at your earliest convenience.

    Dragoborn Paladin
    Human Cleric of Bahamut
    Elf Ranger
    Eladrin Warrior
    Dwarf Wizard
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    I am interested. What day are you planning on starting?

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    We'll start as soon as we have a full roster (ideally this coming Monday, June 9th)

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    I am up for running whatever character is needed. If I were going to make a character from scratch my race and class kind of depend on how we are doing stats. I personally would like to roll stats. Are there any limitations that you are putting into effect?

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    I'm interested.

    Khan the Red Wyrm
    Dragonborn Warlock (Infernal Pact)

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    Curse your time schedules! (Im in EST but 6 is too early for me, oh well, best of luck )
    DM: For reference sake, when a bad guys dies, I'll turn their token over. So an upside down 'A' or 'B' means it's a corpse.
    PC 1: So if we kill a 'M' is it reincarnated as a 'W'?
    PC 2: That damn 'O' just won't die!

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    Had a couple additional questions that I wanted to respond to. See addended first entry.

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    What time zone is this in? Did I miss that someplace? I may be interested..
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    Nothing at the moment.

    Time Zone: Central Time (GMT -6)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blahness98
    What time zone is this in? Did I miss that someplace? I may be interested..
    I mentioned in a private post that I was GMT-5 (same as you). I mentioned the times I would be availible and he responded with a "no problem".


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    Quote Originally Posted by fooman
    I'm older (33) as are a couple of the players
    <SNIKERING>...., 33...., older...., <SNIKERING>

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