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    Lookie what the brown truck brought this morning!

    My pre-ordered 4e Core Rulebook Gift set shipped Friday, and arrived this morning - the folks at Buy.com decided to break ship date by a full two weeks. I snapped these before I had to leave for work; I plan on reading them on my breaks today, so I can answer any questions but it will take a while as I haven't even cracked the spines as of this posting.

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    Got them as well, this morning.
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    Look good, I can't wait to get mine. I should have a working 4th edition character sheet by June 6th (for now all manual entry until GSL is known).

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    From what I'm seeing so far, it looks like there's very few things to auto-calculate anyway; an auto-calc value for 1/2 level + stat mod combined with drag and drop mods will cover the vast majority of rolls you need to make.

    Which, by the way, seems like a good thing for the most part; it makes it really simple to figure out what you need for any given situation.

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    Oh, crap. Someone has leaked the print masters of all of the core books - and I'm guessing someone at WotC is having a VERY bad day.

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    Can't wait for my books to arrive next week. Damn you amazon for not breaking release date!

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    I ordered through Amazon and I'm hesitant to break the order and switch over to Buy.com, in case they 'fix' their error. I'll probably just have to settle for reading what I can online *wink wink*
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    Yeah, reading around it doesn't look like the leak is going to hurt WotC that badly. For core books, people are willing to buy the print copies even if they manage to find a free PDF. PDFs are great for searching ad referencing, but nothing beats a print copy for just reading.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Illrigger
    Oh, crap. Someone has leaked the print masters of all of the core books - and I'm guessing someone at WotC is having a VERY bad day.
    Yeah, I noticed that myself. I suspect downloads are going to be a little busy on USENET for a while...
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