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    Weekly Wednesday C&C Game

    After one failed attempt I'm trying again to get a C&C game going. Wednesday is the day, the time is open to determination by the players (I'm free all day).

    Fantasy Grounds II, fully updated, is required to play. Also required is Skype, a free VOIP program.

    You do not need to purchase the C&C ruleset to play, but there are some benefits to doing so, such as being able to roll up characters outside of the game.

    Much about the game is open for input from players, such as starting level and the type of campaign desired (i.e. hack-and-slash, political intrigue, goody good adventuring, wrong-bad-fun adventuring, or something else entirely).

    Before I make this post any longer, is anybody up for a C&C campaign?

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    I can do Wednesday night, and I own the full C&C ruleset for FG2.

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    Great, thanks for the response! I'm looking to start next Wednesday, does that work for you?

    Everyone else looking for a game, follow Orpheus' example post haste

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    Next Wednesday is good. Any idea on a start time? I'm an East Coaster.

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    Alrighty, I've got the Skype-izzle downloaded and running. PM me with your Skype Name when you're ready. Also, will this be a 3d6 character creation or a point-buy. Personally I dig the point-buy since you're guaranteed to have some crappy stats.

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    I'm up for either style of character creation. From looking at your willingness to use 3d6 I'm guessing you'd like a fairly low power game in terms of stats. Is that accurate?

    I'm PMing you my Skype name, I should be online tonight around 9pm central, so that would be 10 (or 11?) eastern. Does that work for you?

    To everyone else, there is still plenty of room in this game. If you're looking for a game and have nothing to do Wednesday evenings, sign up and give C&C a try

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    I can't be on tonight as I'm housesitting for my in-laws and don't have my FG-equipped, Skype-equipped PC with me. I do have the C&C ruleset so character creation can be done offline.

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    Come on guys, I know people out there want to play C&C. Don't leave Orpheus to face the perils of an adventurer's life alone. Wednesday, using FGII and C&C ruleset, time to be determined by players, power and style to be determined by players.

    If there is anything else you would like to know about that could make or break your participation please don't hesitate to ask. Do it for Orpheus, I fear he won't survive long alone

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    Please. For the price of a cup of coffee...If there's someone who hasn't given C&C a shot and you're die-curious then trying it out via FG2 is a cheap and easy way to give it a shot. I'm more than willing to wait until I have fellow adeventures however.

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    What is C&C?

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