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Thread: Billing problem

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    Billing problem

    I've been checking the forums for this and it looks like problems like this have gotten fixed quickly when mentioned here in the past. I've made a payment through your online store and got the paypal confirmation, but I have not recieved any emails from you, nor is my order showing up in order history in the store. Thanks in advance for any help.
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    Problems like this is faster resolved if you e-mail the developers at [email protected] instead of posting it to the other users in the community.

    That said, start by checking your spam-filter folder. History is only saved if you check the box that says that you want to save the history of your purchases.
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    As I mentioned in my post, I posted here because I saw several times when problems were fixed faster through here than through email. As for the problem itself, I've checked my junk emails and it wasn't there and I did check the box to save the information. I saw one person who sounded like he was having the same problem as me in the forum, and if it's the same thing then it's a problem on the server side while processing the order, between receiving payment and sending the proper emails to me with my codes and link.

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