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Thread: Font problems

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    Font problems

    I'm trying to change the appearance of the chat box in FG, and I've changed some colors such that a black font no longer works. In trying to find a new color and font, I've noticed that it seems like the chatbox is either squashing the bmp fonts or applying some terrible anti-aliasing to them. The fonts i've tried look fine in the chat entry box, but when they appear in the chat window, they are all really blurry and somewhat distorted.

    Is there any way to fix that?

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    How do you change the fonts to start with.. my poor eyesight would welcome a slightly larger font.

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    You use the Font Generator tool available here to create new .fgf files which need to go in the ruleset folder. You do need to create a custom ruleset in order to do this (some other name than d20 ... e.g. d20LargeFont). You can edit the base.xml file to include d20 modules.

    Archmage, all I can say is to try different fonts until you find one that works. I've changed fonts in my rulesets and have found some that seem to work. It did take a little time and effort to find some though.

    I'd like to know what fonts, styles and sizes are used in the default d20 ruleset. I've asked before, but with no response. It could really help with alternative font selection if the originals were known.
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