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    Savage worlds Rippers

    Campaign: Savage worlds Rippers Setting

    Time of Game: TBA Sunday or weekday evenings

    Genre:Victorian horror. Think cthulu,van helsing, the Witcher rpg and a touch of the xmen thrown in.

    Rule set/setting: Savage worlds core + Rippers Source book

    VGT or software: Battlegrounds or fantasy grounds (undecided). Text communication.

    Character creation: Pre game with GM( You even get cool custom 3d artwork of your ripper)

    Campaign Playing style: Good mix of high octane action and plenty of opportunity for role playing. One has to remain a gentleman even while slaying monsters! Social interaction and with NPC's will have a vital role to play in the campaign world.

    Player experience required: Beginner + You should try to familiarize yourself with the background before the campaign starts. All background info can be provided however.
    You should also try to get hold of a copy of the core savage worlds rule set if possible.

    Campaign features:

    Dedicated private campaign website with game play features

    *players will be able send and receive in character messages from the game world NPC's, with in game consequences, purchase equipment, interact with the media.
    arrange solo quests and character development help from the GM
    *keep in touch 'in character' with the other PC's and make plans for the next session
    *regular game world news and content to help further background development
    *campaign material for the players to go through (maps,freely available background material)

    High quality graphics and multimedia content. All maps rendered and hand finished. Its all about the atmosphere

    Where possible I will share materials for free use in Dunjini or as maps for VGT.

    OK For now if you interested email me at [email protected] or leave a message in this thread. Ill try and check back often.
    Im going to try and start posting some 'teaser shots' soon

    Please try to put the following information in your replys plus any questions

    Your time zone: (So I can work out the best time. I'm GMT but able to be quite flexible due to home working.)

    General Availability: Days and times you might be interested in playing

    Level of experience: (Beginners very welcome of course! but just gives me an idea of the possible group)

    Available commitment: (Are you interested in committing to a campaign or just an occasional session)


    [email protected]

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    Sounds like fun! I'd say you gotta go with FG, especially with the excellent Savage Worlds ruleset and upcoming Rippers module.

    Email sent.

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    Previously: MurghBpurn

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    Yep ... go with FGII ... pm sent ;-)

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    Email sent.

    Hope to make this my first campaign on FG
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    E-mail Sent.
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    Nothing at the moment.

    Time Zone: Central Time (GMT -6)

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    I definitely would like to be in the Rippers campaign
    I am in: GMT -5 Eastern Standard Time USA, Florida

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    Sorry I disapeared for a bit had to get ready to move house.Ive set up a temporary forum here please sign up if your interested.

    We are starting to generate characters and get things organised.
    Ive tried to contact everyone who expressed an interest but if Ive missed you I apologise. It will be easier to keep track of everyone if i just use the one board



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