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    Looking for a Fun Game

    I would love to join a good group who may be playing:

    *3.5 D&D
    *Daytime 9:00-4:00ish (for me, which is GMT-7; Mountain Time)
    *Any character levels, but I prefer 4th & up
    *Mature, at least moderately experienced players or:
    *Players who learn fast and have fun playing

    If anyone knows of a game like this, PLEASE let me know. I've been searching on here for about a week now with no luck. I have a group I play with once/week, but I'd like to play a little more than that.


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    I dont know if the times will work for you but I enjoy the Open Table: Dragonfrost of Goss. It's on the game calander. Players set the day and time. The core group is a great bunch of players. I found it is easier to just check the game calander and see what is running, then just apply as a player when I am looking for another game.

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