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    Anyone sick of "Anyone sick of d20?"?

    Sorry guys, just jesting *grin*

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    Where will it all end..?
    Work Less, Game More!

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    I only expected a few responses. It has been dragging on too long.

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    I'm not sick of it because I dislike d20.

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    Woops! Double-post.

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    Just to chime in real fast. I do not Like D20. However all of the games I run are in the D20 system. This fact does not bother me one bit. The fact that it is an inferior system is more than made up for in the amount of players it pulls in.

    D20 sux yes, but games in other systems suck as well, how long to you have to search for players to play GURPS, or Rifts? How much work do you need to put into Fantasy Grounds to use those other systems?

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    Savage Worlds, Savage Worlds, Savage Worlds.

    Choose your favorite setting and just go Savage!
    The more I use it, the more I like it.
    Advancing doesn't make you much stronger but rather extends the scope of your possibilities.
    Always keep it in perspective!

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    I have been hearing alot about Savage worlds. Is there anyone that could let me sit in on a game to see how the mechanics work?
    See you around the table.

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    Quote Originally Posted by unerwünscht
    LOL - Rifts. D20 may be just a combat engine, but Rifts is just a combat character generator waiting for an engine (for 20 years, no less). :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wraith
    I have been hearing alot about Savage worlds. Is there anyone that could let me sit in on a game to see how the mechanics work?
    I'd really like to introduce a couple of people to Savage Worlds.
    There are 2 main road blocs to clear before that happens.

    First, since I usually game with french speaking friends, it would be an "unscheduled" game so not in context of a running campaign. Nevertheless, I think I can whip-up something to introduce people to the system.

    Next, I live in Japan so this might be the most difficult part.
    We would have to schedule something so let me know what your disponibilities are and we'll see if it's at all possible.

    It would also help if a few other people wanted to try the system!
    Always keep it in perspective!

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