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    Seeking Sci-Fi themed game

    Was interested in trying a scifi game in eastern timezone. Been mostly into fantasy games and was looking to try something im not really familiar with...this leaves out the major scifi settings like swars,strek,bab5 ect.

    That there coupled with my timezone prolly narrowed my chances to nil but its worth a shot!

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    Im in easter time zone, and would love to run a SciFi game.

    Give me more details on what you would like from a SciFi game, and I will see if I can round up more players, and run a game that would spark your interest.

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    Well I was thinking about this on the drive home from work, what would be cool to *me* (if not very original) would be a small party of outcasts that have access to a "crappy" small ship. They would not necessarily be pirates, but due to being desperate for one reason or the other they would need to be clever in order to survive...whether running from the "law" or maybe fugitives from an alien race. Maybe the party is above killing...but not above breaking a law here and there to eek out a life in space. I’m sure this borrows on a lot of traditional sci-fi...but i know when I DM I like to throw something really typical in an adventure that they will recognize and then throw a spin on it they never saw its both new but familiar.

    A loooooooong time ago I tried traveler and also space master…but friends didn’t have much interest.
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    Well I have no experience with traveler (other than GURPS Traveler) and have never heard of space master. But I am willing to put the effort into learning any system.

    The group I work with has made a custom D20 modern/future ruleset so far, and we are hoping to crunch out a GURPS set sometime soon. Tho Loz is having an issue with the character sheet last I heard.

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    Well truth be told im less worried about the system as to me thats more for the DM to figure out what works best , i consider myself a low drama, easy going and lite to medium roleplayer...and typically very reliable player.

    I was looking at the Dark Heresy threads, but as i know a bit about that universe and i thought something new would be more enjoyable.

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    I am on the eastern timezone and I would like to get in o some sci-fi action
    I am in: GMT -5 Eastern Standard Time USA, Florida

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    late EST would be best for me... 9p-12p, prefer post apoc, scavving for loot, Mad Max kinda thing.

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    Well if no one is apposed to D20 modern, I could be ready to run something this weekend. Friday or Saturday evening/night. I'm cooking up Ideas already.

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    Ok I have 2 ideas at this point. I think Grimm is looking for something more along the lines of:
    You (the players) are the crew of the "Storm Crow" a privately owned medium sized light merchant ship. Tho many would call you thieves, pirates, mercenaries and thugs, the truth of your life is much simpler than this. You live day by day, contract by contract and go where the highest bidder wants you to go. It isn't your fault that illegal space salvage is pulling the highest bids right now, and besides, its just junk floating in space until you collect it, why should anyone care? The Stellar Alliance is just upset because its hard to tax you on it, and the Colonial Concord is just jealous cause they want the salvage to help them fight their war against the Alliance.

    Or if the group rather:
    In the wake of the final war, the world has changed. Climate, Nations, all were in upheaval. The Earth was transformed into a scorched, poisonous dessert. Civilization is all but eradicated, the world's population has crowded into a few Megacities, and mankind makes its last stand for existence.

    Outside the Megacities law as we know it has collapsed. Nomads rule the ruined waistlands, and gangs control the underbelly of crumbled cities. Order must be restored if the world is going to survive, and from the ashes of devastation arose a ragtag band of unlikely heroes. They became the judge, jury and executioner.
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    Well my preference is for the 1st, mostly cause i have played less space travelling games (tho i know that makes the DMs job harder) but im willing to try either. I have not played D20 at all for the record.

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