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    New, looking for Dark Heresy game

    Hello all, I am new to the boards here but I have owned Fantasy Grounds for a few years now. I used to run a group in the Eberron campaign setting a while back, but we have since stopped playing.

    I picked up the Dark Heresy book and have been skimming through it and it looks really fun (40k Dark Angels vet, hee hee) and would be interested in joining a game if anyone has an open slot. The ruleset created by a fellow board member is very well done and has really gotten me excited to play.

    I am a mature gamer, and am very open with my days and times to play.
    As a player, I am more interested in RP and having a good time than rules lawyering. If you happen to have an open slot, or are thinking of starting up a Dark Heresy game, feel free to send me a pm and we can discuss.

    Time zone: GMT-5 (EST)
    Days/times available: Every day, between 10 am and midnight EST

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    I'm also interested in a Dark Heresy game. If anyone is thinking about starting a game, please send me a PM as well. Thanks!

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