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    Friday Night (9 PM Pacific) d20 Fantasy Game Seeking Additional Players

    Our FG group is starting up a new mini campaign and we'd love to have a couple of additional players. So come join our Friday night FG2 group, and revel in some good old-fashioned role-playing using some adventure modules from Necromancer Games (starting with the award winning Wizard's Amulet). We are starting this mini campaign this Friday, April 4 at good ol' level 1 using D&D 3.5 rules.

    New to FG2 or new to D&D? No worries! Mature and respectful players (ie no vulgar language or adult themes allowed) who enjoy both the role and the roll in role-playing are the only prerequisites.

    Characters are pre-generated, though customization of feats and skill point allocation is allowed. Our group will be starting this new campaign Friday, April 4 9 PM Pacific. Join up if you want to get involved at the outset!

    If interested, post here or PM me.

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    We've had one player drop and another can't join for about a month still and another isn't answering PMs. So, we're looking for one or two more players if anyone is interested. Our first session went well though Galdar the cleric got munched in the very first combat and was laid to rest.

    PM me if interested and include your email in the PM.

    (Edit: Looks like we're filled up now! Thanks all!)
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