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    Reloading Barbette and Bay weapons?

    What are the times needed to reload the different Barbette and Bay weapons listed? If there is a page listing this, please include in the answer.

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    After reading both my high guard and core rules (old and 22 re-release)it does seems its a reload action that takes one round. if a weapons reload is different i think it should also list that in the desciption, Below is all i could find and i do believe Barbette' are classed as turreted weapons but i do suggest checking out Mongoose' forums your likely to get a better answer.

    Core rule book 2022 page 172 - RELOAD TURRET (GUNNER)
    During prolonged battles, turrets mounted with
    sandcasters or missile racks may run out of
    ammunition. A turret may be reloaded by any Traveller
    with the Gunner skill but it will be unable to make any
    attacks in that round.
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