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    Luskan 2315 [online][shadowrun][beginner friendly]

    Welcome To Luskan in the year 2315. This pirate haven is now home to corporations with just as shady business practices. Controlled by the High Captains, the Arcane Brotherhood, Corporations, and gangs, Luskan is the perfect place for a shadowrunner to make a living.

    Explore a world of magic and technology in a sandbox game set in a futuristic DND city.

    System: Shadowrun 4th edition
    Time: weekly Thursdays 9 pm EST (this is flexible I can start up another game if another time works better for you.)
    Cost: $20/ session (Character creation/session 0 and session 1 is free. Bring a friend and your seat is cheaper.)
    Voice: Discord
    DM me on discord: Albirich or at https://startplaying.games/adventure...0tqhop581lh0wm
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