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    Rob Twohy Memorial Stream

    It is with great sadness that I have to announce the passing of one of our Fantasy Grounds community. Rob Twohy passed on Jun 19, 2024. We will be hosting a final All Things Rob Twohy memorial service this coming sunday, June 30 at 6pm Pacific / 9pm Eastern on Robs Twitch channel. We hope that you can join us as we remember him.


    The recording of the Memorial stream can be viewed on Robs Youtube Channel here

    The following was shared by Laerun, a long time friend of Rob on his discord. I wanted to include it here.

    Rob Twohy, known to many as Rob2e, was a true pioneer in the Fantasy Grounds community. His journey started in 2015, and from the beginning, his passion and creativity shone through. He created an impressive range of content, including over 200 modules on the DMs Guild, which became essential tools for Dungeon Masters and players alike. These ranged from practical aids to intricate coding modules that enriched the gaming experience for many.

    Rob was also a trailblazer in the streaming world. He was one of the first to consistently stream Fantasy Grounds sessions on platforms like Twitch and YouTube. During the peak years of 2016 to 2018, his weekly shows helped build a strong, engaged community. His streams, filled with valuable insights and entertaining gameplay, played a significant role in promoting and supporting Fantasy Grounds.

    Beyond his own creations, Rob founded a publishing house that brought together a diverse group of creators. This venture allowed for shared revenue and collaborative growth, fostering a supportive environment that benefited many within the community. Rob's leadership and vision helped elevate the work of many other creators, showcasing his commitment to the community's growth and success.

    Rob's personality was as strong and vibrant as his contributions. Known for his directness and honesty, he could sometimes be challenging to work with, but those who knew him well understood that his intentions were always rooted in a deep passion for the game and the community. His generosity was evident in the early days when he freely shared his products to help others get started.

    As the years went by, particularly around 2023, Rob began to focus more on his health and personal life. Despite facing significant health challenges, including the long-term effects of a liver transplant, he remained a key figure in the community. Even as he became less active, his influence and contributions continued to shape the Fantasy Grounds ecosystem.

    Rob's final days were marked by a dignified acceptance of his health struggles. He continued to engage with the community, albeit in a reduced capacity, and his legacy remains strong. His work and the systems he helped build will continue to support and inspire players and Dungeon Masters for years to come.

    Rob Twohy's contributions to Fantasy Grounds and Dungeons & Dragons 5e have left an indelible mark. His legacy stands alongside other notable figures such as Shelly Fabian (Lady Shell) and David Middleton (Digital Dungeon Master). His influence, dedication, and passion will always be remembered and honored by the community he helped build and support.
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    This is sad news indeed. Rob was always a character, but someone who was always reliable, helpful, and wanted the best for everyone.

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    Thanks for putting this together. I'm going to be traveling with family at the time, but I will watch the replay when I can.

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    Thank you for posting this.

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    Thank you to everyone who was able to join us on Robs Memorial stream. For any who missed it, I have updated the first post with the Youtube link.
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    watching it now

    Every time I had an interaction with Rob it was enjoyable.

    He seemed to have time for everyone and anyone, especially those struggling to learn something about the FG system. He wasn't afraid to "break something" and then try to fix it, while at the same time having a ball with what had happened. Just good fun.

    He will be missed
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    I'm sorry to hear about Rob's passing. He will be greatly missed.

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