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    New sidebar button help (cross-posted to Discord)

    I'm trying to add a functioning sidebar button in the 5e ruleset (copied directly from QUESTS) using notepad++ to find all of the occurrences of "quest" and renaming to "augmentation". This works to open an "Augmentations" window, but when I try to create a new item, I get the following error.

    [ERROR] Script execution error: [string "CoreRPG:..n/scripts/campaign_button_new.lua"]:28: attempt to index local 'w' (a nil value)

    The following sections were added to:

    <includefile source="campaign/record_augment.xml" />

    <string name="library_recordtype_label_augmentation">Augme ntations</string>
    <string name="library_recordtype_single_augmentation">Augm entation</string>
    <string name="library_recordtype_empty_augmentation">&#171 ; New Augmentation &#187;</string>
    <string name="library_recordview_label_augmentation_bytype ">By Type</string>

    ["augmentation"] = {
    aDataMap = { "augmentation", "reference.augmentationdata" },

    ["augmentation"] = "create",

    and I created a duplicate of record_quest.xml and renamed it record_augment.xml

    Thanks in advance for any pointers on what I'm missing
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    Answered in Discord #mod_creation.


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