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    FG Theme license

    I'm new to FG and currently looking at playing around with themes.

    I have started by looking at the standard FG themes and they say "Please see the license.html file included with this distribution for attribution and copyright information."

    I have searched around and can't find a license.html file.

    Can someone point me to where I can see the license. Thanks sPK
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    That's generic boiler plate. If the license.html does not exist, this means that there is no specific license for that content, and you would need to talk to the author of that extension.

    Which extensions are you interested in, and what are you trying to do with the theme data?


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    The Theme: FG Simple Gray extension.

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    That one that was created by a community member, and they transferred the rights to us to include with the standard FG install.

    What's the question about licensing?


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    Originally I wanted to do was use the Acolyte background (from SRD) as a template to create other backgrounds.

    I have got round this now because I have worked out I can enable the 5E SRD Data module.

    That said I would like to know what the licence is for FG Content in general so can I use it to create my own character sheets and so on. Tanks sPK

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    Quote Originally Posted by shyPunK View Post
    That said I would like to know what the licence is for FG Content in general so can I use it to create my own character sheets and so on. Tanks sPK
    There is no one license for everything. Different content has different licenses. Know that none of the licenses restrict personal use.

    For instance, the 5E SRD in FG is covered by two licenses, the SRD license which I believe is CC-0 now. And the FG EULA.
    Some community content will have a specific license included with it, and some will not specify any license. In the case where no license is listed, then the law is that the creator retains all rights and you can not redistribute.

    I attempted to outline everything here; but note that none of this is legal advice. On Licensing; Distribution of Community Content (

    Problems? See; How to Report Issues, Bugs & Problems
    On Licensing & Distributing Community Content
    Community Contributions: Gemstones, 5E Quick Ref Decal, Adventure Module Creation, Dungeon Trinkets, Balance Disturbed, Dungeon Room Descriptions
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    Note, as mentioned by LordEntrails, the D&D SRD license has changed and will further change (next year if I've heard correctly). Currently the license is “CC-BY-4.0” but always check the D&D SRD page for what's current:
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