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    Looking for a Friday or Saturday game

    I live on the East Coast and am looking for a D&D/AD&D game on Friday late afternoon/evenings or any time on Saturdays. Im looking for a group that plays fairly consistently each week and one that is also mature. I also prefer a game that is balanced in its role play/strategy/battles...so something that keeps it interesting, has some combat and enough strategy where you at times need to use your head rather than sword to get yourself out of a perdicament. Look forward to hearing from you. ~Vulture
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    Yeah I sent you a pm, not sure if you got it. Not about this though.

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    Stuart has a game that I would recommend on Fridays at 8.00PM GMT. A couple of new players would round it out nicely. Just show up tomorrow with a Lvl 2 character!

    The link for it is here https://www.fantasygrounds.com/calendar/?id=253

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    It's not D&D but it's close....

    I have an ongoing Savage Worlds game that runs from 20:00-23:00 GMT every Friday. That would be 3-6pm your time. The game alternates between two different campaigns weekly: At the moment we have a sci-fi game (Star Fall) and a modern horror one (Dark Matters) but we're looking to move back into fantasy (probably Solomon Kane) pretty soon.

    If you're interested drop me a PM and I can send you the rest of the details.
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