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    Should I purchase??

    Last Saturday I played the demo version of the game along with a great DM I found on fouruglymonsters.com. I had a great time playing the demo and learned alot. This really whetted my interest in purchasing the game but was wondering if I would be able to find a patient DM with a patient group of fellow players. I am pretty new to DND but know the basics and can play an hour or two at a time a few times a week. I am most interested in something related to 3.5 and I live in EST -4GMT time. Thanks for any help.

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    You should have no problem finding a GM who is willing to work with you. There are more than enough games going that are for new people as well as old hands.

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    Worth mentioning that most games are for 3 hours minimum, so a more casual 1-2 hours play will be hard to find. You might want to go for 3-4 hours once or twice a week! Time passes very quick when roleplaying...

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    Only you can make the decision on whether to buy or not. If you do decide to buy, I'd recommend going with the full version. This will give you the option to run your own games.

    l don't tend to run many D&D games, but you'd be welcome to join my games. I run on Sundays at 8pm UK time. I'm changing to a fortnightly cycle to try and fit some short scenarios between regular campaign games. My regular Babylon 5 game is pretty full at the moment, but I plan on running other games in the off-week slots for some variety.
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    so don't buy it.

    You wouldn't be posting if you didn't want to buy the game. If $35 is a figure you need to ask for a vote about then no, you shouldn't purchase.

    Almost nobody here actually works for Smiteworks so we dont see any of the money. We like the game. I think you will too, but if $35, or less for the lite version, is too much money dont buy the program.

    Personally I think its a great deal and saved me many times the total in gas and travel time. Its the best deal in gaming as far I'm concerned.

    But if you need an excuse, or someone to blame if you don't like it, don't buy the program.

    Do buy the program if you want to. Don't pretend the decision isn't yours to make.

    - Sigurd

    If you do buy the game I suggest the full version. You can take your turn DMing and host your friends. There is no upgrade path from the light to the full version. You are better off buying the full version first than buying both versions later on.

    Hope to see you around but if its not right we'll understand.
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