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    Quote Originally Posted by RosenMcStern View Post
    Strike Ranks are no longer part of the BRP optional rules in the UGE edition. The implementation of the BGB is imperfect and somehow confusing. It's ok if someone makes an extension for it, but should the official ruleset support this rule that is no longer in use in BRP?

    If you want a workable implementation of Strike Ranks, look at RuneQuest.
    The BRP ruleset implements the 2010 edition of the Basic Roleplaying rules. IMO any rule that is present in that edition is legit for implementation in the BRP ruleset. The official ruleset implements the 2010 edition (which is still available at chaosiums site as "BRP Classic" https://www.chaosium.com/brp-classic/), so any rule that exists in that edition could (should?) be supported by Smiteworks.

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    Well, my campaign is Runequest, but there is no ruleset by FGU or Forge that does it (unless I missed it). BRP is the closest (and really it is almost identical). I was operating in line with PeterB that it would be expected to work for BRP (especially as the option is indicated for it). I actually left Roll20 because of my expectation this ruleset would work for the system.

    But I get it. Just disappointing as the combat tracker was the primary reason for a virtual table top program. Otherwise Zoom or discord and a die rolling program is all I really need as my campaign style is primarily theater of the mind unless dungeon crawl or infiltration is happening.

    Just can't bring myself to go back to the more mainstream games like D&D that get most of the love.

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