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    Release Updates for April 23rd, 2024

    Please remember not to update right before a game starts.

    In order for some of the updates to be visible, you may need to open the Module Activation window from Library->Activation, right click on the module and select "revert changes". Be warned, any edits you've made will be lost.

    Note: Hotfixes are to fix an immediate problem that prevents using a product. They are not fully tested and may introduce other issues. If you have issues with a hotfix please contact support.

    The following products have been updated:

    D&D Classics: B2 The Keep on the Borderlands (D&D Classics - AD&D 1E/2E)
    • [Fixed] Player view of Caves of Chaos

    Pathfinder RPG - Hell's Vengeance Adventure Path (1 of 6) - The Hellfire Compact (Pathfinder RPG and D&D 3.5/ OGL)
    • [Fixed] Image reference for Allamar Twins
    • [Updated] The portraits and 3d-flat tokens for NPCs with images available.

    Cyberpunk Red: Core Rulebook (Cyberpunk Red)
    • [Added] Drag and drop functionality to the party sheet and parcels from npcs

    Starfinder Character Operations Manual (Starfinder)
    • [Fixed] Text causing extra filter options

    Starfinder RPG - Adventure Path #51: Into the Dataverse (Drift Hackers 3 of 3) (Starfinder)
    • [Fixed] Text causing extra filter options

    Wastes of Chaos (5E Compatible)
    • [Updated] Tokens
    • [Updated] FG 4.5 compatibility

    Level Up Extension (5E Compatible)
    • [Updated] Scripts updated for better extension compatibility.

    Pathfinder 2 RPG - Seven Dooms for Sandpoint (Pathfinder 2.0)
    • [Fixed] Image Sizes and Associated Files

    Pathfinder for Savage Worlds Core Rules (Pathfinder for Savage Worlds)
    • [Added] Selective modifier to Damage Field
    • [Added]Effect Types to all Weapons (Mundane and Magical)
    • [Fixed]Added/removed power modifiers to Entangle/Zombie

    Cypher, Numenera, and the The Strange Rulesets (Generic Add-ons)
    • [Added] A new game option that causes attacks defense rolls to use "Success" and "Failed" text instead of "Hit" and "Miss" in chat.
    • [Fixed] A number of small bugs and graphics issues

    2E Ruleset (2E Compatible)
    • [Added] Search, Ongoing tags, Chat links (thnks spencer)

    Starfinder RPG - Interstellar Species (Starfinder)
    • [Fixed] Text pasted into the wrong field.

    Starfinder RPG - Starfinder Adventure Path #44: Allies Against the Eye (Horizons of the Vast 5 of 6) (Starfinder)
    • [Fixed] Typo in the Category

    Starfinder RPG - Starfinder Adventure Path #40: Planetfall (Horizons of the Vast 1 of 6) (Starfinder)
    • [Fixed] Typo in the Category of the module

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    Fallout 2d20 (Ruleset)
    • [Fixed] Error when attempting to drop items to ally inventory
    • [Fixed] Bow not factoring correct ability/skill combination to factor TN
    Dominic Morta
    Ruleset Developer

    How to zip up your campaign if the Developers ask for it-How to zip up your campaign if the Developers ask for it

    How to provide an Unity Connection issue?-Connection Issues and What to Provide

    Unity Updater issue?-Updater Issues

    Classic and Unity Port Forwarding?-Fantasy Grounds Connections Explained

    Comcast or Cox ISP User?-Comcast XFinity and Cox Users

    Have a suggestion?-Feature Request

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    CoreRPG (and layered rulesets that use CoreRPG)
    • [Fixed] Images sent to background did not appear if background image in second or third maximization mode.

    Starfinder (Ruleset)
    • [Added] Size field on main tab for PC drones.
    • [Fixed] CR/Level not displaying with new npc header.
    • [Fixed] Removed gatekeeping of skill ranks for PC drones.

    Savage Worlds Deadlands Reloaded (Extension)
    • [Fixed] Script errors when opening combat tracker.

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    Wastes of Chaos (5E Compatible)
    • [Fixed] Mixed Token sizes

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    Call of Cthulhu 7E (Ruleset) (Call of Cthulhu 7E)
    • [Fixed] - Some NPCs have no move when added to the chase tracker
    • [Fixed] - NPC damage 1d8|Imp not rolling

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