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    New player to view a game

    Hi, I was wondering if I could sit in on a small part of a game and just listen and watch and see how FG2 works for other players. Please let me know a server to join and when so I can check. Thanks

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    you could watch mine if you want im playing tonight at 9pm est the server name is meek monk meek bard.
    This space for rent.

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    Thanks, I'll hop into the game to see how fg2 runs when I get out of school. I should be home by 11pm EST. You think your game will still be going on by then?

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    yep we should still be going it will take you a bit to get in as im using the 3.5 ruleset
    This space for rent.

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    its 10:45 pm EST now, I'm trying to connect. i got on once and the software crashed on me. Now it is saying unable to connect. I'll keep trying for a little while.

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