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    Anthropomorphic Character Tokens

    So as kind of a joke for my latest game, I created several Anthropomorphic Redwall style playable races. Just experimenting with race creation rules.

    Well, my players absolutely loved it. So now our party consists of two humans and racoon, otter and frog persons. I run Savage Worlds and like to use top down PNG style tokens, helps with facing.

    Anyway, I cant find any tokens that reflect this, on FG store or elsewhere. The only ones I've found are more Sci-fi looking. Like I said, they should look exactly like the characters from the Redwall book series.

    Anyone know where I can find something like this?

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    I have not, but I also have interest in this. I usually rely on some of my more artistic players who are willing to make some sketches for the party tokens.

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    Well assuming Google does not give you images you can use, if you want them to look exactly like anything, you are going to have to find an artist that can do that style and commission (pay) them to do what you want. If any of the artists in the FG Store match the style you can start by reaching out to them. Otherwise Deviant Art is a good place to try.

    If you want to create the tokens yourself, you can use HeroForge like I do to create a portrait, token, and camera view image of the same personality. It does have a lot of anthropomorphic options, but you are going to have to spend time to try the numerous options. For a rough idea of what you can do with it, here's an a figure I did just now. I could do more if you want and put them up on the Forge for everyone. See my token and portrait packs here LordEntrails's Forge Page ( to get a better idea of the style etc.

    Screenshot 2024-04-19 075626.png

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    Devin Night sometimes asks for token ideas. You could contact him through his patreon or discord channel or his store.
    Devin Night Patreon
    Devin's Token Site
    I'll request this myself. I can use tokens like this.
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