The Game
We are starting in the Forgotten Realms year 1486 and will be embarking on an epic mega arc campaign. We plan to intersect with the main stories (Tyranny of Dragons, Rime of the Frostmaiden, etc.) in the chronological order of occurrence in the Forgotten Realms. The adventures will be modified to be episodic, focus on the factions of the Realms (Harpers, Zhentarim, Lords Alliance, Thayans, Talons of Justice, etc.) with their activities in dealing with the dangers to civilization and to meld the antagonist’s plots across the continent into a multi-location adventure not confined to the Sword Coast. After we finish Descent into Avernus we will visit the land of Damara, created by author R.A. Salvatore, location of the original Level 18-100 AD&D adventure, for an epic conclusion to your character’s story with you possibly becoming a knight, baron, or duke or perhaps choosing to walk the planes instead.

Each session is a self-contained episode. Show up when you are able. We also have West Marches (upon request) available. If the group wants to get together off the regular schedule and the DM is available we’ll make it happen. Your choice of Theatre of the Mind (DM drives your sheet) or Fantasy Grounds Ultimate VTT. Sound effects and music included via Syrinscape and other providers.
If you are looking for more than a game and want to fill the void of not enough official Forgotten Realms published today, you may want to consider our Tier 2 or Tier 3 plans to satisfy your craving for more Realms.

Tier 1: $30/session. You have access rights to the following:
• Regularly scheduled or West Marches (on request) voice live play
• Play-By-Post between live sessions
• Behind the scenes access to our campaign wiki
• Stream of the Actual Play

Tier 2: $45/session you receive additional access to:
• Everything in Tier 1
• Written Replay. (short story format of your Actual Play up to 15 pages)

Tier 3: $65/session you receive additional access to:
• Everything in Tier 1
• Everything in Tier 2
• Narrated Replay. (Stream the Replay on the go)

Regularly Scheduled Saturdays + West Marches (players request date/time)
5/11 – 8pm-11pm EDT (GMT-4)
5/25 – 10pm-1am EDT (GMT-4)
6/8 – 8pm-11pm EDT (GMT-4)
6/22 – 10pm-1am EDT (GMT-4)
7/6 – 8pm-11pm EDT (GMT-4)
7/20 – 10pm-1am EDT (GMT-4)

PM or setup a call to speak more.

About the GM: John Foster has been a GM for 38 years starting with the D&D Red Box release. He combines elements of all editions and their accompanying Forgotten Realms novels together in a world simulation that players of all types can enjoy. He focuses on old school elements of rulership in his campaigns taking the world of adventure out of the dungeons into the royal court. He is also a Legend of the Realms supporter of Ed Greenwood, creator of the Forgotten Realms. John has regular video calls with Ed every month to ensure that you are receiving the best version of the Forgotten Realms possible.