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    issue for manager window tab.lua

    I can't see a way to use <fastinit /> using the updated method to add tabs to records. I see that we can use <activate /> when we create the tab and this will force the that subwindow open but it is not ideal as this data tab now becomes the default the user sees.

    Does this make sense and could this be added? I need the controls on the actions tab to be created so players can drop vehicle weapons on the main tab. Right now it appears my choices are to use activate or force players to open the tab prior to dropping the item record.


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    There is no way to use fastinit for the new tabbed windows, as they are created dynamically as needed; which also improves performance since unused tabs are never instantiated.

    You'll need to write your code to not assume that a subwindow is available/open; and to try to update everything by database if possible (or to check if window exists if control is not data-bound).


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