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    Fan Monster Mod

    I have made some new monsters to use in 13th Age.
    Maybe some other users might get some entertainment from them.

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    The 4 Queen Monsters are the same as each other.
    I made them since I use a Tarot or normal deck of cards for some random encounters ,and have themed the Queen Cards to be Allies that will join the party.
    They are a reskin of the Thug.

    The other monsters are themed from some monster cards I have for some minis.
    They seem fairly cool to me.

    The monster levels may not be correct ,but seem OK to me.

    The Umber Hulk in particular is quite a nasty monster to fight.

    I have used some normal damage for most monsters ,like a 1d6 for example rather than say 4 damage ,it is fun for the monsters to drop some dice as well.

    Some of the Powers for Monsters are just text blocks ,but the idea will be present in the Combat tracker so you can hopefully use these powers.

    Some of the monsters are rethemed MOOKS that actually work ,I could not get Mooks to work in Core game ,I just picked up ruleset. AND the Core mooks did not seem to work properly in the Combat Tracker. My guys do.
    I made some of these mooks a bit more powerful -the SS variety.

    As far as Monster naming goes ,the S at end of monster name is to signify ,made by Sean.
    The SS stands for strong sean monster ,of the WW2 variety maybe.
    The m stands for mini ,as in I created to emulate a mini and card I had.

    That's all I can think of straight away.

    I should make some more up as well.
    Maybe I could call it pt 2, wth a bit more content.
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    In the spirit of experimentation.
    I used the Universal Extension and thought I would try some of my 4e modules in 13th age.
    I thought it could not hurt.
    I have only tried my 4e monster module for 4E so far.
    AND it worked ,maybe not perfectly ,only tested a couple of monsters so far.
    So maybe other users that own 4E and 13th Age might try this out as well.

    Here is a picture.

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