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    Player Map Control

    So I just bought a bunch of licenses for my group and I have a couple noob questions that, heretofore, have not been answered by forum lurking or reading of the online Userguide.

    As of right now the DM has complete control over any map view. Zoom, position, etc. If a player moves the map, it snaps back into place immediately when the mouse button is released. Players have no control over zoom whatsoever.

    This is more than a little obnoxious. Is there any way to "unlock the camera" for players (so that they can look at whatever they want to look at without it affecting anyone else) or is everyone stuck with whatever view the DM is currently using?

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    The players are stuck with the DM's view. Remember as the DM all you have to do is keep the zoom out so the players can see what they want without scrolling.

    One thing new DM's really need to decide on consciously is what scale they want their maps/tokens to be. This has a direct effect on the amount of map normally seen by the players at all zoom resolutions. It is a trade off between "pretty" tokens vs. showing more of the map at once. Many on the forums here believe 50 pixels squares are a good compromise size. Personally I like 32 pixels which means I can show more map in the same area but have smaller tokens. There is no real right or wrong answer really - just what works for the group.

    Note: FG has a bug which does allow players to Lock in an area view. This a bug and not a feature because it will crash FG if the player does this and the GM moves the view of the map such that the offset pushes the player's view off the edge of the map because FG *assumes* player and GM view are in sync.

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    On the map issue...

    As we were done with a map, one of my players drew a giant chicken on it, and asked the other party members to charge the "chicken totem warrior" with him (private joke)...

    My question is, is it possible to remove the drawing option from the players?
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    So far: Ruleset, Modules.

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    Yes on the right click radial on an image should be the option to lock the drawing layer.

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    Thanks Joshuha
    Midnight for Fantasy Grounds 2... a work in progress.
    So far: Ruleset, Modules.

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    You could also just let the 'dread lord of all that is fowl' chicken totem warrior proceed to kick their asses
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    I'd like to re-iterate the request for player control of the map. This is still our group's biggest gripe about FG2. (We got used to playing on Klooge where player's have full map control.)


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    I want to reiterate that its been put on the list

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