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    die roll cross-reference table

    I was wondering if anyone more skilled with programing than me (that means pretty much everyone!) could help me out/get me started on the right track?

    For the Marvel Super Heroes RPG (FASERIP), percent dice are the only ones that are used. Any rolls that need to be made within the game are referenced to a table. This table is simply a cross reference to determin the result.

    So if someone has an attribute of Remarkable, they roll percent dice. The player would reference the table to see what they need. The table is broken down into four colors. White represents faliure, Green represents a susccess, yellow is a greater success, and red is the highest level of success.

    This table represents the success of the corrosponding rolls.

    01 to 35 -- White
    36 to 70 -- Green
    71 to 94 -- Yellow
    95 to 100 -- Red

    What I would like to do is replace the modifier box with an rank box. So if someone was going to roll a Remarkable (Rm) ranked abilitiy, they could switch the box to Rm and then roll. The roll would auto calculate the result based on the success. Then, in the chat box, it would display a graphic or something. (If they roll a 72, the chat window would display "72, yellow result" or something like this.)

    Can anyone get me started on the programing? Once I have the skeleton of the programing, I should be able to fill in the rest.

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    Here is the Marvel Combat chart for skill success percentage dice effect

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