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    Adding Picture to Character

    Hi all,

    How do I add a picture to a character that I've created in Campaign Mode? I can't see anything to add.


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    Press the Start Button -> All Programs -> Fantasy Grounds II -> Data Application Folder. This will pop up FG's data app folder. Drop your portrait picture into the portraits folder. You want a picture about 63x63 pixels (FG will resize to this size - but it may not look as good as it would if you did it yourself).

    If you are a player you are done. The next time you connect to the server select the character and once it loads press the button in the top right to open the portrait selection and select the portrait.

    If you are the GM then you need to start the server. Then you need to start a second instance of FG as a player with a different nickname and follow the instructions above for a player. You have to do this because the server has no way of assigning portraits to characters since it is assumed the GM does not run a character.

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    The GM option isn't working for me. It seems to recognise that I already have a session in as my username, saying username already in use (whatever I type in as the username).

    Any ideas?

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    When you start another session you should be able to change the username and it should let you in. Thats strange its not working for you.

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    Ok, I can see what I was doing...

    I changed the name, then I clicked on my shortcut (to my alias) at the bottom, which, of course had my old name associated with it. re-inputting the server alias under the new name cured the problem.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fred_ex
    Thanks Griogre!
    You're welcome. Ask if you have anyother questions there are a lot of people to help.

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