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    [Paid] 2e, 3.5e, 5e Dreams of the Red Wizards. Multiple Dates Multiple Systems

    5e – Level 10 - Sunday March 3. 1pm ET
    2e – Level 3 - Wednesday March. 20 7pm ET
    3.5e – Level 2 - Thursday March. 14 8pm ET
    Repeats monthly.

    FG Unity

    Mystery, Political Intrigue, Simulationist, + Grand Strategy elements

    The Story
    You are defense contractors for the Thayan Guild of Foreign Trade, a magic crafters guild that sells magical tools and spells across the continent of Faerūn. The guild is always on the hunt for ancient ruins and lost magics. Your job, explore ruins and guard the archologists while they unearth secrets from long gone civilizations. There may be monsters protecting the archeological sites or the threat of other treasure hunters who seek the prize at all costs. The powerful ancient empires of Narfell and Netheril have many undiscovered treasures, but their hubris with magic led to their downfall. Will you be wise with the treasures you find? Protect your teammates, find treasures to keep or sell to your guild, enhance your wealth and power as you explore.

    The Game
    We are focusing primarily on the mystery and political intrigue genres in addition to heroic fantasy elements. If you like Scooby Doo, Buffy, and The X-Files with a little Indiana Jones this is for you! In addition to the monthly live session, you and your fellow adventuring company members may participate in asynchronous Play-By-Post (PBP) to manage your character’s downtime activities. You will also have the option to invoke 2nd and 3rd Edition optional rules to use your funds for constructing taverns, trade halls, fortresses, temples, and more to expand your influence and wealth. Raise armies, build a flock of acolytes, become a merchant prince, there are no limits to what you can accomplish. Your choice of Theatre of the Mind or Fantasy Grounds Ultimate VTT. Sound effects and music included via Syrinscape and other providers.

    Tier 1: $30/monthly session for a Patreon like experience. You have access to the following:
    • Once monthly live session
    • Play-By-Post between live sessions
    • Behind the scenes access to our campaign wiki
    • Recording of the Actual Play

    Tier 2 Optional: +$15/monthly upgrade you receive:
    • Everything in Tier 1
    • Written short story format recap of each live session (up to 20 pages)

    Tier 3 Optional: +$25/monthly upgrade you receive:
    • Everything in Tier 1
    • Everything in Tier 2
    • Narrated audio book format of the short story
    • Copy of the adventure to run for your family table at home

    About the GM. John Foster has been a GM for 38 years starting with the D&D Red Box release. He combines elements of all editions and their accompanying Forgotten Realms novels together in a world simulation that players of all types can enjoy. He focuses on old school elements of rulership in his campaigns taking the world of adventure out of the dungeons into the royal court. He is also a Legend of the Realms supporter of Ed Greenwood, creator of the Forgotten Realms. John has regular video calls with Ed every month to ensure that you are receiving the best version of the Forgotten Realms possible.
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    Really confused between the $30 and $25 packages

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    Hi, the Tier 1 package is the entry level package. You can add Tier 2 or Tier 3 to the $30 package to receive the extras. You can not buy Tier 2 or Tier 3 by themselves.

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