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    Interface Zero 3.0 - Feedback

    Ok as I write this. A change to Interface Zero 3.0 is getting put on the server.

    Interface Zero 3.0 now has change log 3.3 for PDF verson 3.5. Glad we cleared that bit up However just simply knocking out a brand new module for this will break any existing campaign and links in the GM guide. So what I have done is added a revised book version and let you keep the original as well. As an added bonus there now 28 ready to play characters. I will eventually add a completely new GM guide as well and the old players guide will become obsolete.

    It is a complicated book so help me fix it. Tell me if there is problems.
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    This has been a lot of effort to get this done (and keep up with all the changes the publisher has been making to it). Thanks for all the work you've done (and continue to do).

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    Thank you Lonewolf! I echo dstuffle's comments. I appreciate the work you do on this setting!

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    I concur! I've put my IZ campaign on hold as I knew there was a lot of changes between the PDF and the FG module. I did not think that it was gong to be updated, so thank you very much for that. I know that the publisher said that he is going to revise the GM guide as well though he did not say when that was going to happen. So the FG module for that will need to be updated in the future once the PDF is.

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    This product is currently locked to the Test build channel with other updates related to FG v4.5.0 and 2024-03 ruleset updates. These changes will be released to Live channel when those updates go Live.


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    Should be alive now. See the new updated player guide and 28 ready to play characters.

    Still planning to redo the GM guide at some point to link to this new version.
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