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    13th Age Ruleset

    In the Test Channel I am getting this error log when game starts (1st pic) and when I open NPC record (2nd pic) . No extensions loaded. Games looks and plays OK so far otherwise ,yet to create a character ,only been fighting between NPC monsters so far.

    (the NPC record error seems similar to me ,no expert of course ,to when I open an NPC record using the 4e ruleset -which I noted previously).

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    1st pic Test Channel.
    2nd pic Live Channel.

    NPC record is a little different I think.

    It is even more pronounced on more complicated monsters ,like the demon touched human ,in my combat tracker.
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    Thanks for the reports. Looking at this today.


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    Ok, just pushed Test channel updates for both 4E and 13th Age rulesets for the errors.


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    Looks good now ,
    Pic 1 13th AGE
    Pic 2 D&D 4E
    Thank you very much.

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    When I move to next round in combat tracker then this error comes up.
    Pic 1 error
    Pic 2 my effects ,only a few lights

    I also noticed my desktop D20 has disappeared ,this has not effected my other games that I have tested like 5E for example.

    Game still seems to play correctly.
    I assume I could get rid of error message by removing all actors from CT and then restarting combat.
    Not sure how to bring nback the desktop d20 though ,I dont normally use it ,since most d20 rolls come straight off character sheet anyway -BUT I wanted a character to disengage from the dragon thing ,and this involves an 11 plus on a d20 roll .
    So that is how I picked up on fact my d20 is invisible.

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    Thanks for reporting.

    a) Found the script error for Effects; will update later today.
    b) Dice can be disabled/enabled via the Dice window available in the Tool section of desktop sidebar.


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    Both issues resolved now.
    Thank you very much.

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    5 screens in this link.

    I am getting like a ghost image when I move my characters.
    For one character I have a unique CAMERA image and different images for PORTRAIT and FLAT .
    She seems to be the hardest hit.
    But my other characters are effected too.
    I assume the unique 3d image is the culprit.

    Normal view in 3d.

    When I grab her to move.

    It also effects 2d map mode as seen in 1 of my 1st screen link.

    The ghost image (square portrait) for my cat woman character was initially really big as shown in one of my screens ,then became small sized as seen in my other screens (I closed the map and reopened the map via clicking on the combat tracker after restarting the campaign) -this at least got rid of the huge ghost image.

    I have checked my 5E game as well,
    seems like a similar issue there.


    I checked my 2E game ,and had a slight problem there ,it would not start at all. This seems to be a unique AD&D2E problem.
    Just glad my 13th Age game runs pretty good in comparison.

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