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    SW Templates and FG2

    how do you handle when an attack uses either the cone template or the burst templates for Savage Worlds?

    since i have the EX edition, what are the squares that the cone, short and large burst affect?



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    I'm going by a really shoddy memory here right now (I LOVE govn't beauracracy...been having fun with my residency in Denmark ).

    But iirc - 1" for small, 2" for med, 4" for large - using the built in FG Circle templates do the trick. The built in Cone isn't quite scaled right for SW's cone effects, but if you go 9" using it you should be close enough (and not have to worry about messing around with tokens to get it exactly right).
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    Are those templates available in the SW mod?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ProfMarks

    Are those templates available in the SW mod?
    The standard FG templates are accessible in the SW ruleset. We right now don't have the ability to customize them however, but hopefully some day we'll be able to modify the Cone template to be more SW friendly.
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    Kalan, would it be possible to add the Savage Worlds templates as tokens?
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    This has been discussed before but they issue is pixel scale. For instance the default tokens from portraits are about 32 pixels (which I use). However, a lot of the tokens you can download/purchase from others are on the 50 pixel scale. There is the possibility of including multiple sizes if it doesn't get too confusing. But also remember that right now tokens can't overlap each other on the map. The best you can do is keep holding the mouse button down to see what would be under it but it won't let you overlap tokens.

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    Okay the built in circle pointer in FG works fine for the blast templates. I made a semi-transparent token of the cone template scaled correctly for me (50 pixels per inch). You can see through it to the tokens underneath; however, it's less than ideal since it can only be rotated into one of 8 (I think) orientations. If someone could mod the FG cone pointer, that would be the best solution. Per Goblin King, version 2.2.0 supports the capability (see this post==>, so Kalan it would be great if you or somebody could take a stab at this.
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