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    Gary Gygax has passed on.

    I just saw the news that Gary Gygax has passed on. All I can give is my sympathies and thanks for helping spawn the great RPG movement.


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    He shall be missed. I still remember the laugh we all shared in my old gaming group when we realized that the inside of the huge space ship we found in the Expedition to the Barrier Peaks read EGG.

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    The influence this man had in my life was astounding. I owe him a great deal.

    Truly a sad day.

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    Tis a sad day for me and my friends. Thanks, Gary, for the great game you helped create, you will be missed.
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    RIP, Gary. Millions of us are grateful for the impact you've had on our lives, and millions more will never realize the impact you had on theirs secondhand.

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    RIP we will miss such a great and open mind...
    Thank you for all Gary.
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    My group is playing D&D tonight, and the group is finally going up against the BBEG that they've been sizing up for the past several sessions. What better way could there be to pay tribute to Gygax's memory!

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    He will be greatly missed, RIP

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    He will be missed; he is the the co-founder of our hobby. I am playing in my FG group tonight and we have observed a moment of silence.
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