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    Looking for a playing group.

    Looking for a D&D/d20 playing group which is non-native English speaker friendly.

    Any information would be very much appreciated.

    Preferrably, GMT+7 to +9 time zone, but not strictly.

    Aside from D&D/d20, eager to play Rolemaster (both RM2/Classic and RMSS/FRP), HARP and GURPS (Any genre, Fantasy, SF, Horror, Pulp, etc).


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    I am starting a Lord of the rings campaign this saturday 9pm eastern. I am using the Savage worlds system(Similiar to GURPS). I have the GURPS system and I like savage worlds better. Also I do not mind helping you learn Savage worlds it is very simple. If you are interested let me know.

    Note: You will need a mic.

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    Hi, kyxmma.

    I'm interested in your game, but unfortunately, it seems that I won't fit your game.

    I'm afraid I will slow down your pace of gaming, as my colloquial English skill is not high enough to keep up with casual conversations among native speakers (I know it coz I'm currently playing in a local D&D group consisting of 4 native speakers and a single non-native speaker, who is me. On a real tabletop, you can manage to overcome the handicap with gestures, miniatures, dice rolling etc, but without such physical help .....sigh.)

    Anyway, thanks a lot for your post!
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    BTW, I love the setting, and have watched a review of Savage Worlds system on YouTube ("Game Geeks" hosted by Kurt). Sounds nice system indeed.

    Good gaming!

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    thiha, my Ptolus game has a vacancy (Friday 8 PM GMT) or scytale2 has a Thursday game ... your English is fine as I recall ;-)

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    Wow, Suart, how's everything going? Glad to hear from you again, thanks!
    I'm gonna think over if the time would be OK for me, as it'll be quite early in the morning as always. The globe is round, and I'm in the nearly opposite side from GMT zero zone, ;-)

    And, may I have some information on PC making for the Fri. game by PM?


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    Thank you for PMing me. Ptolus sounds really fantastic. And I really envy the current PLs who are lucky enough to join your game!

    But yet, after considering well the time gap in between, I've decided to wait for another luck to catch one in which I can play in the day time or in the evening at my time zone.

    Again. thanks a lot for inviting me to your exciting game again. If I were in Europe!

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    Hi folks,

    Thank you for reading this post.

    I've decided to stop gathering game information in this thread for a while, and I'm going to focus on reading your recruitment threads to come, hoping for the one in which I can play in the day time or in the evening on Saturdays or Sundays at my time zone (GTM+7~+9), without voice-chat/mic. Ha, ha, lots of prerequisites.

    Good gaming!

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