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    Aboutview and coterie sheet.

    Hi fellas, if you could, I have a few questions:

    Since Vampire is a political game, some characters end up having access to certain spcs, other characters to others.

    Is there any way to make the image of a spc available only to a specific player?

    Furthermore, is there a coterie sheet?

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    There unfortunately no coterie sheet available yet within the ruleset. You can create story entries to track that information and share it with the group by making it public. The image can also be shared with an individual by dragging and dropping the image record to the PC's portrait on the desktop. This record will be available to that player. You can also do this with the SPC record as well and just attach the image link within the Notes section of the record so the player could click on it. These are just a few options I could think of to assist with that portion of the game.
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    Hi thanks. It's already helped me a lot here.

    Finally, still within the context, when I make images available to players, they appear in the uncategorized folder, regardless of whether I created another folder to place them.

    Is there any way to organize these images?

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    Ohh, i see....

    Thank you so much!!

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