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    2e Ad&d Forgotton realms

    00:00 GMT Sundays
    setting: Faerun map open fantasy
    lvl 1-3
    no rating in character to the game setting
    3 books/FGU are the players handbook DMs guide, and monster manual
    custom maps/items for combat and setting
    Maths based on the arcade video game archon 1 1983 (not archon 2)
    bonuses for playing your character's in role
    good characters some slight neutral is fine.
    4-6 players
    (please excuse spelling on some of this )
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    Hey are you still looking for players? What day and time are you thinking?

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    the time and day is as stated about 18 and a half hours from now also a realms / darksun hybrid in about 24 hours from the time of this message its 630pm saturday here im in no hurry but if you are interested in this its open Faerun good story the other one is a hard minotaur monster maze join my friends if your interested (these games have been known to go into spelljammer ,players to decide? ) it can take some time to sync with the rest of the world and discord is the microphone used here ,I'm hoping to get 4 players for this fantasy adventure thanks
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    Under construction

    Under construction
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