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    Will the new Marvel RPG be supported on FGU?

    Title basically says it all...will the new Marvel Multiverse Role-Playing Game be available on FGU at some point?

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    Wild *** guess - less than 50/50 for licensed material. It's because licensed properties from big companies often have licenses preventing the use of intellectual property meant to stop kock off computer games while allowing the use by licensed game companies. The exclusionary terms are so general they usually apply to VTTs, unless an insider knows what a VTT is.

    That said, game mechanics can't be copyrighted so a ruleset with no licensed material is possible, though the "More Core" or other general use ruleset might make more sense.

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    SmiteWorks rarely does conversions themselves. They rely upon an active developer community who gets involved and do the conversions for the RPG products that they love. More info here: https://www.fantasygrounds.com/forum...antasy-Grounds

    Why might not SW do the conversions themselves? Simple; most rulesets do not sell enough copies to pay for the hundreds or thousands of developer hours needed to develop a full new ruleset. That's why most rely upon the passion of a community developer to do it.

    BUT, any RPG can be played using the default CoreRPG ruleset. It just takes more time from the GM to set things up. Some examples here: Share Game System Character Sheets (fantasygrounds.com)

    You can also use one of the generic community rulesets such as XCore, which is designed to be configurable for all sorts of games. See: https://www.fantasygrounds.com/forum...-XCore-Ruleset

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    It turns out that in Reddit Foundry has a module and system developer in the Foundry VTT sphere who is currently working on a system for Marvel Multiverse RPG in Foundry Virtual Tabletop (https://www.reddit.com/r/MarvelMulti...rpg_system_in/ ). This is a rapidly growing popular game ranked in top 6 and Roll20 already uses it [FG should consider seeing if Marvel will do the same with them]. I really like FG but whoever creates the better ruleset for it will have a very active community of players streaming to their site.

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    Best place to make sure the community gets it is through the feature request. We are using it to see what the community wants and acting accordingly.

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