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    breakagefactor vs breakage_factor?

    In the character law module, item breakfactor is stored as breakfactor, but record_item is using breakage_factor, and so the breakage factor isn't populating in the record.
    The RefManual tables show it correctly

    in record_item.xml
    Line 1570 should be breakfactor instead of breakage_factor
    Line 1616 should be breakfactor instead of breakage_factor

    Doing this lets the values show up correctly.

    I see in manager_item2.lua, function UpdateToCoreRPG lines 284-288 that you are trying to remove breakagefactor and replace with breakage_factor, but that doesn't fix the modules
    I see in manger_utilities.lua, function copyWeapon, lines 509-514 that you are doing some things as well with breakage_factor

    Bottom line is that the value from the module is breakfactor and it isn't showing up in the item record. Example, Leather Jerkin from Character Law
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    Yeah, that is because when the module was redone the wrong field was used. I need to think of the best way to change it so that it doesn't break anything anyone created outside of the module.

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