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    Player looking for D&D game

    I have about 8 yrs experience in AD&D 2nd edition, never played online or used FG but very interested in learning. I havent played now in about 10 years and I'm dying to get back into it. I'm available to play once a week. Very serious please let me know if you're looking for another player. I have a friend that may be interested in playing too.

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    Welcome to FG. It is pretty important to mention what time you can play and what timezone that is in. You are coming back in at the end of the D&D 3.5 lifetime. D&D 4th Ed will be released in June. This seems to be skewing the type of games being offered.
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    There is a Eberron game on saturdays at 8pm eastern.

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    Open Table

    Come check out my calander page.Here
    See you around the table.

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