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    IPv6 works if you don't need to port forward. Some routers/gateways/modems can handle it. Some can't. But your biggest concern is CGNAT.

    Think of NAT like postal addresses. Your ISP owns an apartment complex, and has a public facing address (IP). Anyone in the world can send a letter to that address. BUT, your apartment numbers are secret, no one outside of your building can see what your number is. And then once in your apartment, you control which room/person (i.e. computer) get the letter. Only your ISP knows what your apartment number is. And only you know who is inside your apartment. So, I can send a letter to your building, but to get that letter to go to the right person inside your apartment, I need to not only get your ISP to forward the letter correctly, but the person who gets all the mail for your apartment to know who to send it to.

    You have control over the second person, and can "port forward" anything that reaches your door. But I can't send a letter to your door, only to your building and we both rely that your ISP forwards it correctly. Which FG's "Cloud" brokering does, but you can't do that with a direct IP connection (LAN) because you can't control your ISP.

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    If the only thing that has changed is your ISP in your network scenario, then that usually points to something in the ISP account settings or ISP modem/router settings which is blocking/throttling connections. Usually dropped connections are because of the amount of content being transferred over the connection is greater than some throttled amount, or some sort of ISP security mechanism is shutting down the connection due to the amount of data or type of data being transferred. We have a troubleshooting wiki article with some items to check.

    For the Cloud vs. LAN; the only difference is that the Cloud version registers the IP address and attempts to automatically port forward the connection or shunt to a relay service if it is unable to port forward. The GM machine is still the server that players connect to in both scenarios. The SmiteWorks server is only used to register and facilitate the automatic forwarding or relaying.

    Whether or not IPv6 works is completely up to your network situation with your ISP network configuration and your local home network configuration. Technically, it's could be a port forwarding scenario as outline by LordEntrails when crossing network boundaries; or it could be that incoming traffic needs to be unblocked for the given port. Unfortunately, it's outside the scope of what we can support directly, since every ISP and every home network is a unique combination of hardware, software and settings. That's why we built the "Cloud" option to perform the automatic connection between GM host machine and player client machines.


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