Number of players: looking for 4 to 6 players each game.
System being used: Naruto 5e
Day/Time/Timezone being played: I've just opened up 2 new games. Ones Tuesday 5 pm EST the second is Tuesday 9 pm EST, both weekly.
Vc or Pbp: discord for voice chat, fantasy grounds unity for vtt.
Description about the game setting: set well after Shippuden; the ninja world is at a time of relative peace, they stopped a group of rogue ninja from using tailed beasts from an alternate timeline to control the world (don't ask too many questions about that it's a whole different story). Unfortunately peace tends not to last in the world and within the last few years terrorist attacks have been on the upswing. The governments are doing their best to handle it and keep the peace but relationships are strained as no one has taken credit for the attacks.
That's not too much of a concern for you though, you are a new genin ready to start your career as a ninja. Explore the world, make friends, fight enemies, try not to accidentally start the 6th ninja war.

Price: Session 0 and character creation is free but it's $20/session after that.
Hit me up if you're interested! or albirich on discord.