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Thread: D10 dice

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    D10 dice

    I have the opposite problem: in the rolemaster ruleset, It shows me d20, d12, d8, d6, d4, d100 but d10 is missing. d100 is not really necessary because it is already available under the chat area (d100, d100 low, d100 open, d100 hight).
    d10 can be needed other ways (in tables). Has anybody ideas or workarounds?

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    The D10 is there for me:

    Make sure you have not turned it off, you can toggle the display of each die in the tray by clicking on them in the Dice widget.

    Other than that, an extension might be hiding it, do you have any extensions loaded?

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    That's it !!! Many thanks.

    I don't know how but my d10 was not active in the dice set.

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