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    Against the Giants Greyhawk Campaign

    a seat has opened up in our campaign. we play monday nite. 7pm - 10pm est, weekly

    free accounts and new players welcome.

    i use RMC with a few homebrewed rules, like Fate Points.

    the campaign is set in the World of Greyhawk, the Grand Duchy of Geoff. it is the year 591CY. the giants have attacked Geoff from the Great Barrier Peaks, triggered by the characters entering and leaving G1, Steading of the Hill Giant Chief.

    the group is currently prisoners of the cultists found in N1 Against the Reptile God, located in the village of Orlane, north of the Rushmoors

    the group could REALLY use an offensive spell caster.

    any one interested in joining, click the event link below, discord invite included with event link. once there, contact GM Max, and i will get you set up.

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    sorry to those that showed up after the campaign was closed. probably should have posted here. slipped my mind. thanx for the interest! peace.

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