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    How to add effects that automatically apply modifiers to dice rolls?

    How can we add effects that automatically apply modifiers to dice rolls?

    In the combat tracker, I see how to add effects. And there are examples effects, such as "Alcohol: Lower Dexterity and Intelligence dice pools by one die." However, if I apply say the Alcohol effect to a character, then make a Dexterity or Intelligence roll, the roll is not modifier by the effect.

    I've tried effects like Dexterity -1 and Intelligence -1, and that doesn't work on dice rolls either.

    Are there examples of how to do this correctly somewhere?

    Thank you!

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    There is no built in effect system as you would see with the 5E ruleset. You can use the modifier box to change the number of dice and use the right click while holding. The system was not in place with the original design and thats where it was expanded upon in other areas before release. It is something I have on my list of things to expand upon down the road.
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    Thanks for the quick response Dominic. Yes, it would be very helpful if this was supported.

    We have rules for drinking blood from mortals with drugs in their system, poisoned blood, and blood with an intense or acute resonance. I can add these as effects in a straightforward manner. But they're much more of a hassle if they're not automatically factored in, as there are already other situational dice modifiers sometimes. I've been forgetting them as Storyteller. Temporary boost/penalty modifiers on character sheets would be another one to handle it, but that's more problematic to update then revert.

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